For groups of 8 people or more please call the restaurant
to make your booking 03 9077 4992.

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    Flatbread w/ zaatar 4.5(v)

    Turkish bread 4.5 (v)

    Marinated olives 8.0 (v,gf)

    Hummus w/ spiced lamb 13.5

    Hummus w/ dukkah 12.5(v)

    Grilled haloumi, lemon, currant relish, 14 (v)

    Falafel, tahini yoghurt 14 (v,gf)

    Persian lamb meatballs 14 (gf)

    Haloumi, feta, swiss chard boureks 14 (v)

    Crispy squid, fennel, dill, lemon aioli 16

    Eggplant, labne, spicy dressing 14 (v,gf)

    Grilled chicken skewer, ras al hanout 10 (gf)

    Lamb kofta, garlic yoghurt 10 (gf)

    Mezze plate for two 29



    Moroccan spiced chicken w/ jewelled rice, mint yoghurt & lemon 28 (gf)

    Slow cooked lamb, spiced tomato mograbieh 29.0

    Root vegetable tagine, mograbieh 25.0 (v)



    Broccolini, tahini butter 12.0 (v)

    Fattouche salad 12 (v)

    Kissir-nuts, grains, pomegranate, cauliflower, herbs 12.0 (v)

    Crispy potatoes, roasted garlic, parsley 12.0 (v,gf)

    Jewelled rice 8.5 (v))

    Fries w/aioli 9 (v, gf)


    turkish pizza


    All pizza $20

    Prawn, zucchini, haloumi & harissa

    Spiced minced lamb, mint yoghurt, almonds

    Beef sujuk, tomato, peppers, haloumi

    Eggplant, tahini yoghurt, pomegranate (v)

    Field mushroom, feta, rocket (v)

    Pumpkin, hummus, feta, dukkah (v)


    Tomato, three cheese 14.5 (v)


    sweet things


    Moroccan mess-meringue, berries, cream, fairy floss 13.0

    Chocolate fondant, fresh dates, double cream 12.0

    Lemon pudding, confit lemon, yoghurt 12.0

    Jocks ice cream 4.0 scoop

    House made baklava 5.0

    Tamariya- date, walnut, sesame ball 3.5

    Coffee by red star 3.5

    Tea by Chamellia 4.5

    Chai 5.5

    Hot chocolate 4.5

    Iced coffee/ chocolate 8.5

    Soy 5


    N.B.: 10% surcharge on public holidays


    Sparkling / Champagne


    NV Range Life Prosecco King Valley 12/50

    Forage Chardonnay, Pinot Noir Brut VIC. 55

    NV Andre Jacquart Brut"Experience" Champagne France 130



    2016 Thistle Ridge Sauvignon Blanc N.Z. 12/50

    2017 Little Goat Creek Sauvignon blanc N.Z. 45

    2016 Greystone Sauvignon Blanc N.Z. 60

    2016 Swinging Bridge Pinot Gris N.S.W. 12/50

    2016 Principato Pinot Grigio Italy. 12/50

    2017 Raidis Estate Pinot Gris S.A.45

    2016 Jeanneret "big fine girl" Riesling S.A. 12/50

    2016 Cooter and Cooter Riesling N.S.W. 50

    2016 Yarra Peak Chardonnay VIC. 12/50

    2013 One Block Chardonnay VIC. 60

    2016 Foxeys Hangout 'whitegate' Chardonnay VIC 70



    2015 Domaine Fazi Rose Corsica 13/55

    2015 Dom.Les Fouques Rose France. 60



    2012 Bass River Cabernet Sauvignon Vic 55

    2014 Jules d"Oc Cabernet Sauvignon France. 50

    2017 Foxeys Red Fox Pinot Noir VIC. 13/55

    2016 Garagista "le stagiare" Pinot Nior VIC. 65

    2013 Kate Hill Pinot Noir TAS. 70

    2015 Idolo Rosso Sangiovese Rubicone Italy 12/50

    2017 Mauricio Lorca Fantasia Malbec ARG. 55

    2016 Radio Boka Tempranillo Spain. 11/45

    2016 Flores de Callejo Tempranillo Spain. 60

    2016 Battle of Bosworth "Puritan" Shiraz S.A. 13/55

    2015 Shady Lane Grampian Shiraz VIC. 50

    2010 Two folds Shiraz VIC. 65

    2013 Seabrook 'the chairman' Shiraz S.A 65



    Rose and Pomegranate punch 28

    White Sangria 28

    Red Sangria 28

    Pimm's 28


    Beer - On Tap

    Brunswick Bitter 7/12

    3 Ravens Juicy IPA 8/14

    La sirene pale ale 8/14

    Revolving tap please ask

    Tasting Paddle Of Four 12


    Please see our blackboards for bottled beer



    Marcos Spritz - prosecco, aperol and orange 16

    Crocus Spritz - gin, elderflower, saffron syrup, prosecco 18

    Arak Attack - Arak, homemade lemon syrup and soda top 17

    Midnight in Morocco - bourbon, peach liqueur, fresh lime and basil 18

    Ginger Man - vodka, amaretto, lime, ginger syrup,ginger ale top 18

    Sour face - Frangelico, triple sec, lime juice, egg white 18

    The Blush - Sumac infused vodka, velvet falernum, pomegranate and lime juice 18

    The Granny - vodka, apple liqueur, triple sec, lemon 18

    The Turk - Turkish coffee infused vodka, Kahlua, espresso and shaved dark chocolate 18

    Margarita - Tequila, Cointreau & lime juice 18


    Soft Drinks

    Coke, coke zero, lemonade, ginger ale, soda, tonic water. 4.5

    Lemon (or soda) lime & bitters 5

    San Pellegrino - Limonata, aranciata rossa, chinotto 5

    Daylesford & Hepburn Springs sparkling H2O 500ml/1ltr 6/10



    Orange, apple, cranberry, pineapple, tomato 5.5

    Mocktails (juice based) 10


    Coffee by Red Star Roasters

    Tea by Chamellia





    Flatbread w/ zaatar 4.5(v)

    Flatbread w/spinach, feta & potato 9.0(v)

    Warm mount zero olives 8.0(v,gf)

    Hummus w/ spiced chickpeas 12.5(v)

    Beetroot, dill & walnut dip 12.5(v)

    Pan fried haloumi, fresh figs & pomegranate molasses 16.0(v)

    Egyptian falafel w/ tahini yoghurt 14.0(v,gf)

    House smoked trout & potato salad 16.0(gf)

    Persian lamb meatballs 14.0(gf)

    Ricotta fritters, tomato braised beans & dukkah 15.0(v)

    Crisp fried squid w/ fennel salt & sumac aioli 16.0

    Crispy chicken wings w/ smoky harissa 15.0(gf)

    Dukkah sardines w/ tabouleh and chermoula 16.0(gf)

    Spiced lamb & pinenut boureks w/ date jam 13.5

    Mezze plate for two 29.0


    non meaty things

    Fish of the day w/ pumpkin & pepita tabbouleh & green tahini sauce 30.0

    Zucchini, red pepper and spinach tagine w/chickpea fritters 25.0(v,gf)


    bits and bobs

    Lentil pilaf 8.5 (gf)

    Turkish bread 4.5

    Flat bread 4.5

    Fries w/ aioli 9.0 (v,gf)


    meaty stuff


    BBQ chicken skewer- lemon, thyme, garlic 9 each (gf)

    BBQ lamb Kofta w/ garlic yoghurt 10.0ea (gf)

    BBQ beef skewer w/ chermoula 11.0ea (gf)

    Moroccan spiced chicken w/ couscous and mint labne 27.0

    Sticky braised lamb w/ lentil pilaf 29.0(gf)


    turkish pizza


    Smoked trout, peppers, caramelized onion, harissa & dill 20.0

    Spiced minced lamb, mint yoghurt & almonds 20.0

    Smoked chicken, tomato, halloumi & dill 20.0

    Bastourma, peppers, spinach & goats cheese 20.0

    Beef sujuk sausage, macerated figs & haloumi 20.0

    Grilled eggplant w/ tahini yogurt, sesame & pomegranate 20.0(v)

    Roast mushroom, feta and rocket 20.0 (v)

    Pumpkin, spinach, feta, halloumi & dukkah 20.0(v)

    Tomato & 3 cheeses 14.5(v)




    Fattouche- tomato, radish, cucumber, mint and bread salad 11.0(v)

    Rocket, pear, shanklish and dukkah 10.0 (v,gf)

    Kisir- nut & grain salad w/ cauliflower & pomegranate 12.0(v,gf)

    Vine ripened tomatoes w/ haloumi, sumac and green chermoula 13.0 (v,gf)

    Crispy kipfler potatoes w/ onion,parsley, labne and cumin salt 12.0 (v,gf)


    sweet things


    Steamed lemon pudding w/blueberries, lemon confit and yoghurt 13

    Cinnamon chocolate mousse w/ rhubarb compote and broken baklava 14

    Moroccan mess-rosewater meringue, berries, double cream and pashmak 14

    Vanilla ice cream short black ( affogato ) 11

    Ice cream (per scoop) vanilla, date, baked apple 4.5

    Tamariya-Iranian date balls rolled in toasted sesame and coconut 3.5 each

    House made Baklava 5

    Coffee by red star 3.5

    Tea by Chamellia 4.5

    Chai 5.5

    Hot chocolate 4.5

    Iced coffee/ chocolate 8.5

    Soy 5


    N.B.: 10% surcharge on public holidays